Friday, March 18, 2005


Every year around the middle of March, we Central Park birdwatchers wait for the Eastern Phoebe to arrive. It is usually the earliest songbird in the spring migration, although occasionally another early bird, the Pine Warbler, shows up first. This year Lloyd Spitalnik and I had a bet. I, with the odds strongly in my favor, bet that the E. Phoebe would show up first. Lloyd bet it would be the Pine.

Here is a note in yesterday's New York City Bird Report:

Thursday, Mar 17, 2005

Observed by Tom Fiore.
1, just S. of Blockhouse, high in tree, 'chipping' a bit, but not calling its name.
(eport submitted by Tom Fiore).

Now Lloyd has to take me for lunch at the Boathouse Cafe. That's not the humble cafeteria where we often gather for soup or cofee. The Boathouse cafe is the FANCY RESTAURANT.