Saturday, February 25, 2006

Redtails and Grackles: Veronica reports

Junior with new twig at nest--photo by Bruce Yolton

Veronica Goodrich, you may remember, is the woman whose apartment offers a view into the Trump-Parc redtail nest. She also happens to work at Bergdorf Goodman, the elegant New York department store on Fifth Ave and 58th Street. The dressing room where she meets her clients [she is a "personal shopper"] has a direct view of the trees surrounding the Pulitzer Fountain in the grand plaza across the street from Bergdorf's. That's where a large flock of Common Grackles have been roosting for the night since last October. A few days ago I asked her for a report on the hawks and the grackles. Here is her reply:


About Jr and Charlotte.....always new twigging in the early morning but have not seen them " doing it" as I had in the early part of this month. I did see on Bruce's blog that he photographed the"deed" and claimed that spring was in the air!

Since last weekend lots of stuff getting piled up on their little perch... snow didn't seem to take anything away.......looking forward to warmer weather to set up outside.....

You will be interested to know that your grackles did not return to their perch at the Plaza for three days during the snow storm. I was worried my total entertainment was done, but on the fourth day they came screaming back with greater numbers!! Quite impressive.