Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Really Rare Sparrow!

Henslow's Sparrow - photo by Lloyd Spitalnik- 10/31/06

I know that something really rare has arrived in Central Park when my voicemail has 4 messages and e-mail has 6.

Yesterday was such a day. A Henslow's Sparrow --"a secretive sparrow of the fields, easily overlooked" says Roger Tory Peterson--was found at the Pinetum by Lloyd Spitalnik. The Birder's Grapevine spread the news, and quite a few birders had a chance to see it yesterday. The Early Birders are heading there this morning shortly after 7. Hope it's there. The photos above were sent by e-mail yesterday with an overly modest note:

Hi Marie, I guess you've heard about the Henslow's Sparrow I found in the park today. Here are some photos. I still have over 600 more to go through. Hopefully I'll have much better but these aren't bad :-} See you.

Check out Lloyd's website -- for other Henslow shots, and other great photos of birds.