Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pale Male and Lola -- tension grows

Pale Male and Lola on nest - April 15, 2008
courtesy of

As of yesterday Pale Male and Lola are still sitting. The hatching window is open -- it could happen any day. At the Hawk Bench yesterday photographer Rik Davis and I exchanged notes and decided that April 20th is the outside date for hatching. That gives us hope until Sunday.

Meanwhile, tension grows. A note received from regular correspondent Nan Holmes gives an idea of the mood:

Dear Marie,
I am trying to keep still but I find myself looking again and again at your website to see if chicks have hatched. I feel like a fidgety kid in church. I'll try to be patient but it is not my long suit. Hoping they come this year. We could all use some good news. I watched the film Pale Male last week just for the joy of it.