Saturday, April 18, 2009

Charles Kennedy's book

The Fish Jumps Out of the Moon: Haiku of Charles F. Kennedy

"Amateur naturalist, photographer, and poet, Charles Kennedy rose to celebrity status among New Yorkers who lined Fifth Avenue to wonder at the Red-tailed Hawk known as Pale Male. When he died in October of 2004, Charles left a substantial body of unpublished photographs, photo-essay books, and haiku poetry focused on the natural world of Central Park in New York City. This book collects Charles's nighttime haiku. It also includes several of his Central Park photos as well as selected essays, which give the reader context for the haiku. In her 2008 book, Central Park in the Dark, Marie Winn details the nighttime adventures of a devoted group of (mostly) amateur naturalists. Charles was a leader, instigator, and much-loved member of that group. In keeping with Ms. Winn's theme, we present this first collection of his work."

[from the Introduction to The Fish Jumps Out of the Moon by Charles's nephew Steve Kennedy, who edited the collection in collaboration with author and poet Dan Guenther.]

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