Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Polar Bear on the loose! Last seen on the east slope of the Great Hill

Photo sent in yesterday by notable birder and bird feeder* Rebekah Creshkoff

*During the winter and early spring, Rebekah feeds birds in the north part of the park every morning on her way to work. The other day--a bitterly cold one -- Rebekah left her house later than usual. As she biked along her usual route, from West End Avenue to the park entrance on Central Park West, she was accosted by a female Cardinal on Columbus Avenue, one block from the park. The bird scolded her noisily for being late and escorted her back into the park, demanding, [and getting] her allotment of organic peanuts.

P.S. In regard to our other zoo escapee, the Azure-winged Magpie:
I sent yesterday's post to Bruce Kerr, the correspondent who first brought the bird to Jack Meyer's and then to my attention. A few hours later he sent an e-mail back with some more info about the bird:

Thanks for that Marie. I suspected as much of a non-migratory bird from Spain, Portugal or South-east Asia. Living in Scotland, I have seen them when on holiday, but you have to go looking for them as they are quite localised in habitat in Europe.